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My Books

The following books make up my current catalogue. Please keep in mind that all of it is fiction, and in no way meant to supplement or replace spiritual food as distributed by the faithful slave. My goal is provide wholesome, stimulating entertainment for our friends, and not to over speculate, predict the future, or push any sort of personal agenda.

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The Bloom of Youth

Will Larson is an awkward fifteen-year-old Witness whose life is about to be turned upside down when his family announces their plans to move across the country, meaning a new school, new friends, a new congregation, and a new life. Much freaking out ensues. (2018)

Epub Cover

Just as things appear to be settling down in Will Larson’s life, events beyond his control will once again throw his world into a tailspin. Join him on his second journey as he faces his greatest anxieties and learns to let go. (2020)

All Things New

A collection of fictional interviews set early in the new world. Follow the narrator, Mitch Hanson, as he travels the globe, documenting first-hand the massive rebuilding and restructuring work required to prepare for the resurrection. (2013)

The Unrighteous

A novel set centuries into the paradisaic future, The Unrighteous offers a fictional glance at the stories of a single family as they band together to help a handful of newly resurrected unrighteous ones adjust to their surroundings. (2015)

Critical Times

Luke Harding is an ambitious young police officer with a promising career and a bright future ahead of him. His beautiful wife, Amy, is nearly the perfect picture of a loving and supportive spouse. Little does Luke know, she's also secretly studying with the Witnesses, and humanity is about to plunge headlong into the Great Tribulation, threatening his world and everything in it... (2016)

FLEE, Book 1

As the great tribulation begins, a series of puzzling instructions from the branch tests the faith and resolve of Witnesses worldwide. Follow the experiences of Peter, an elder in a congregation in Northern California, his wife Rachel, and their extended family and friends as difficult decisions and heart-wrenching sacrifices are made to be obedient and loyal. (2017)


Peter and Rachel Burton make it safely aboard their rig in New Orleans, but their journey is far from over. With Thiago close on their heels and a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, more trials await. Farther north, Joyce Tucker leaves her camp in Vancouver to deal with a medical emergency. But nothing compares with what awaits her on the other side of the border... (2018)


With Angelica missing and tensions rising aboard their rig, Peter Burton and the other overseers face new trials as they strive to keep the friends calm. In the Pacific, a separate Witness convoy embarks on its own journey, with many challenges just on the horizon. Meanwhile, in Namibia, the brothers and sisters are hard at work preparing the colonies while pressures from governmental authorities continue to mount… (2019)

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